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Name: Ahmed M. Elshehawi
Job Title:   Assistant Professor                                                                                                                                                                                   
Contact information:                                      
Tel: Home: 203-425-9341
       Work: 203-592-5405            
       E-mail      :
      Website    :
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Year of graduation
Major Field
Minor Field
Gene expression in relation to environmental conditions
Kansas State University
Arts and Science
Molecular Genetics
Wheat Mitochondrial orf256-coxI RNA Binding Proteins and Tissue-Specific cDNAs


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From:            to:
Alexandria University
1990           1994
Alexandria University
Assistant Lecturer
1994           2001
Kansas State University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
2001           2002
Alexandria University
2002 - 2009
Alexandria University Assistant Professor 2009 - Present
Taif University Assistant Professor 2007 - 2009
Taif University Associate Professor 2009 - Present



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Teaching: I am involved in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in various branches of Genetics. For undergraduate, I contribute in teaching the principle of genetics, cell biology, cytogenetic, and genetic engineering. Also, I am involved in teaching some graduate courses including advanced techniques in genetics, developmental genetics, cell chemistry, and seminar.
Research interests:
My research interests include isolation and analysis of plant tissue-specific promoters, metabolic engineering for the production of plant secondary metabolites of medicinal and pharmaceutical compounds, enhancement of economic plants tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.       
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Modified 2/26/2013
·Alternate nominee for the Fullbright Research Scholar Program. 2007.
· Postdoctoral Training from the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, Partnership and Ownership Agreement at Washington University, Sanit Louis, Misouri, USA.  2006.
· Individual Mobility Grant from the TEMPUS PROGRAM (Tempus-Erasmus Mundus) for “Training on molecular techniques used to assess the potential risk of transgenic plant products”. (8 weeks course). RIKLIT institute of food safety, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands. August 25 - October 20, 2005.
· Invitation from America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, 2002-2003 edition.
· Invitation from Strathmore’s who’s who, 2002-2003 edition.
· Full scholarship from the Egyptian government to study Ph.D in plant molecular biology and biotechnology, 1996.
· Dr. Dawood Award 1990, College of agriculture, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
· Outstanding Student Award 1988, 1989, 1990, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
Modified 1/23/2012
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Modified 2/26/2013